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Fiilin: Solution de distribution de boissons sportives et protéinées au gobelet pour les salles de sport
Homme faisant du sport

A solution thought by the gyms,

for the gyms.

Fiilin offers an innovative solution for the distribution of sports and protein drinks intended for sports gyms wishing to boost their revenue, improve their services and retain their customers.

Stand out & generate income

Unique in its kind, Fiilin will allow you to make a difference! With Fiilin, your gym is modern, attentive to its members, aware of their needs.


Designed for gyms, Fiilin will increase your income while providing an innovative and differentiating service.

Quality & sustainability

Automatic cleaning every 6 hours

1 service every 10,000 drinks

750 drinks per filling

Recyclable cups collected regularly

98% reduction in plastic and aluminum consumption

Machine classified A+ in ecological standard


How big is the Fiilin dispenser?

Our dispenser is 60 cm wide, 65 cm deep and 180 cm high, weighing 180 kg.

What are the prerequisites for welcoming a Fiilin dispenser?

It is essential to have a water supply and an electrical outlet. In addition, it is preferable to have a rj45 wire connection.  

What should I do if I have a problem with the Fiilin dispenser?

Above all, don't wait, contact our customer service at any time, we will take things in hand!

Where are Fiilin drinks produced?

Our NF V94-001 certified drinks are produced by French laboratories.

Where is the Fiilin dispenser made?

Our distributor is produced in Europe by a leading manufacturer on the market. 

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