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Fiilin: Solution de distribution de boissons sportives et protéinées au gobelet pour les salles de sport
Hommes faisant du sport

The birth of Fiilin

Mickaël, Antoine and Jonathan have all been sportsmen and competitors since they were very young, and are involved in the world of sport on a daily basis. As regular visitors to sports gyms, they meet every day enthousiastic sportswomen and men motivated to maintain their body. It was these human sports meets that made them want to offer a service that could help them achieve their goals.

Our mission is to help all sportsmen and women improve their performance

Fiilin emphases on reducing its environmental footprint as much as possible

Our products are accessible to everyone, regardless of sporting level

Fiilin offers well-being recipes, without artificial flavors, preservatives free, non-doping and certified AFNOR NF V 94-001

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